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Revolution means turning the wheel (Igor Stravinsky)

Let’s talk! Greetings, plans, and a bit of help!

Musical angels in Mölten st. George

Markneukirchen Treasure - part 1

J. S. Bach and his first solo for violoncello piccolo

Interview with violist and da spalla cellist Andrew Gonzalez

The Lonesome Violone

New products available in the da Spalla Pride Shop!

How we lost the ancient quality of gut strings - part 2

How we lost the ancient quality of gut strings - part 1

Interview with Alessandro Visintini, Violoncello da Spalla Italian maker

Weight matters

…and those that got it just right!

Apple pie

Sources that mess it up

Interview with Fernandez violons

The Violoncello piccolo by Johann Wagner, Borstendorff

Owen Pallett on their first week with a Violoncello da Spalla

Did Violoncello da Spalla live an underground life up to the 20th century?

What to play on Violoncello da Spalla: Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco

Five-stars tonewood for five-stars luthier-chefs!

Favorite readings

Sketched journal in Bologna from 16th to 18th century

On dragons, beasts, and other cellist creatures

What to play on violoncello da Spalla: Francesco Supriani

Are the Hoffmanns unique?

Are the Hoffmanns fakes?

Some breezy, take-to-the beach readings.

First impact on a Violoncello da Spalla

Tell the world that you enjoy playing da Spalla!

Simple is better, or, anyway, a perfect place to start from.

Repertoire: G. B. degli Antonii - Strings: single wound basses that work - the Wagner’s voice

Bach is a serious matter. Use him respect.

The Italian legacy of harmonic proportions design

A mistake in the history of lutherie!

Make music on Violoncello da Spalla without a worry in the world!

Hi, I’m a bow-maker. I solve problems.

Giving life to original instruments

I get to help make music and get to be so close to where musical miracles happen

How to make a practical leather strap

Chasing originals

What to play on your cello da spalla: Antonio Caldara

Beautiful cases for Violoncello da Spalla

Violoncello da Spalla gets power!

Four luthiers in a car (Germany upside down)

The Violoncello da Spalla, a 21st-century aberration?

Are there specially designed strings for Violoncello da Spalla?

Research, accessories, technique... and everything da Spalla!