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Updates from our workshop Today it’s Friday! But we were not totally conscious of this, it felt more like Monday! We arrived home yesterday evening…
Trying different bridge models!Watch now (2 mins) | Michel De La Barre, petit souvenir from Italian Alps.
Report of our work-and-holiday trip!
There are different suggestions on this matter, each offering an interesting perspective.
A short update for this weekWatch now (1 min) | Hard at work spreading the word!
Hello dear reader! Here is a short update about our research trip to Germany. You can follow us on our socials: Instagram or Facebook Last Friday, we…
New Facebook Group dedicated to Violoncello da Spalla: It’s called: Da Spalla Enthusiasts. Players, Luthiers, Admirers. It’s a group about people, the…
This was indeed a dense year for us, and before we knew it, we were at the end of it! I actually didn’t realise it until this morning when I received…
Hot news! Bach’s suites played in concert now!
Varnishing weekWatch now (5 mins) | and more detailed info on the Pernambuco crisis
Women in Lutherie Conference 2021 lecture!