Bwv 199, the famous “viola” cantata, was later turned into a Violoncello (da Spalla) one!
Download free cello piccolo notes.
BWV 49. A two years cycle closes with a wink!
BWV 175, for the third time in nine days!
Cantata BWV 68, and Sergey’s Malov visit to Vicenza.
It looks like we have quite an anniversary coming up soon!
Introducing “da spalla” bass playing at the Accademia di San Petronio, Bologna!
Some more music to discover on the cello da spallaWatch now (57 secs) | Bonus: slow motion of Malov’s shifting of position.
For the first time, undoubtedly in the continuo group!
BWV 85, a great solo with no C string needed!
Arias with violoncello obbligato from the Farnese court of Parma e Piacenza
with some news from Wien