Pics of the 3 big violas in the Ashmolean collection
A first Renaissance of the pomposaWatch now (1 min) | A firm from Markneukirchen offered pomposas in the late 1930s!
Modern Violoncello da Spalla from 1900 Markneukirchen Watch now (1 min) | The pomposa by E. R. Schmidt.
Discant gamba played da spalla?Watch now (7 secs) | In Markneukirchen museum!
In Lübeck’s museum!
The Wagner five strings cello, our second visit.
Another masterpiece from the Leipzig museum!
Violoncello da Spalla at its wildest!Watch now (26 secs) | A closer look at the Arcangioli in Leipzig museum.
The instruments we studied in Markneukirchen.
A look into today’s practice
…with original necks!
with some news from Wien