New products available in the da Spalla Pride Shop!

Proudly wear your uniqueness! (...and get ready for Xmas!)

Redbubble offers high quality products and prints and ships from a facility as close as possible to you, so that you don’t spend extra money in shipping and customs. They are not super fast, especially in this pre-Xmas time an order could take also 3 or 4 weeks, so it’s better get ready now!

To match with longtime favourite mugs, stickers, smartphone covers and baseball tshirts, they recently added some new products like caps and mouse pads.

The Violoncello da Spalla shields are based on famous iconography, they feature the date of the iconography which is, of course, Italian (the date of the one with our logo is the publication date of Bismantova’s treatise), and the two ornaments on the side are based on the early F key.

⚠️ update: if you buy sets of stickers, pay attention to the measures: the one stated refers to the whole sheet, not to the single sticker!

If while shopping you can’t decide between standard or premium quality t-shirts, let me suggest the premium, it has outstanding colors and it’s really worth the money!

Updates from our workshop

This week Alessandro was in Rome for completing his training as Judo Master, and I was at home enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn and working on the back of my Violoncello da Spalla. Finally outline and edges are done, tomorrow archings!

Featured video of the week

Enjoy this Bach’s new composition!

(Accompaniment composed by François Fernandez - Solo Violoncello- François Fernandez - 5 stringed Violoncello- Yun Kim - Violin- Yun Kim)