Bwv 199, the famous “viola” cantata, was later turned into a Violoncello (da Spalla) one!
Download free cello piccolo notes.
BWV 49. A two years cycle closes with a wink!
Cantata BWV 68, and Sergey’s Malov visit to Vicenza.
It looks like we have quite an anniversary coming up soon!
For the first time, undoubtedly in the continuo group!
BWV 85, a great solo with no C string needed!
A beautiful virtuoso violoncello piccolo part.
And he called for a Violoncello to win it!
Only a couple of months and the violoncello piccolo shows up again, mature in his voice and role!
Only two weeks and the cello piccolo is back, this time in full colors!
22.10.1724 marks the first appearance of violoncello piccolo in Bach’s cantatas.