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January 2023

BWV 49. A two years cycle closes with a wink!
New Facebook Group dedicated to Violoncello da Spalla: It’s called: Da Spalla Enthusiasts. Players, Luthiers, Admirers. It’s a group about people, the…
Wobbly versus balanced, and some insights on vibrato.
From “A case”, finally a light and portable professional case for Violoncello da Spalla!

December 2022

This was indeed a dense year for us, and before we knew it, we were at the end of it! I actually didn’t realise it until this morning when I received…
Best wishes from Saronno and Gaudenzio Ferrari!
Treasures in San Giulio d’Orta
BWV 175, for the third time in nine days!
About playing posture and how to hold a Violoncello da SpallaWatch now (8 min) | I thought it could be helpful to demonstrate something about how to hold a Violoncello da Spalla and its playing position. There is…

November 2022

Daniel Bayle is recording synchronised videos with instruments, bows and strings made by himself!
Cantata BWV 68, and Sergey’s Malov visit to Vicenza.