Violoncello da Spalla strings compared.Watch now (9 mins) | Boussoir’s vs Aquila, modern sets
From “A case”, finally a light and portable professional case for Violoncello da Spalla!
Get a richer palette for your instrument!
Women in Lutherie Conference 2021 lecture!
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Comparison between Thomastick and Aquila strings
Proudly wear your uniqueness! (...and get ready for Xmas!)
Cool gadgets from the “da Spalla Pride Shop” on Redbubble
On making strings for the cello da spalla and on making the Wagner.
This issue will not follow the usual format, as this week got so far from any usual format that I feel the urgency to share all the news at once. I…
A chat with Eliakim Boussoir, pioneer maker of viola pomposa/cello da Spalla and string maker!
Yutaka Kaga shares with us his set up of modern accessories