Updates from our workshop Today it’s Friday! But we were not totally conscious of this, it felt more like Monday! We arrived home yesterday evening…
Micro interview with Eric AcetoWatch now (3 mins) | In Cremona meeting friends!
Daniel Bayle is recording synchronised videos with instruments, bows and strings made by himself!
A look into today’s practice
Interview with Toshihiko Amano - part 2
Troubles and joys of meeting a Violoncello da Spalla!
So it was not only Bach, and not only the eclectic Italians!
Interview with Barry Pearce
Pursuing a chamber music career with two different instruments and a high standard goal
Violoncello da Spalla was born in Italy, yet today an Italian instrument is very rare
making good use of the confinement to discover music for Violoncello da Spalla, write music for Violoncello da Spalla, and offer it to the world!
How to approach a new instrument when you settle on the highest level