Playing tips

Wobbly versus balanced, and some insights on vibrato.
About playing posture and how to hold a Violoncello da SpallaWatch now (8 mins) | I thought it could be helpful to demonstrate something about how to hold a Violoncello da Spalla and its playing position. There is…
Interview with Toshihiko Amano - part 2
Troubles and joys of meeting a Violoncello da Spalla!
Some more music to discover on the cello da spallaWatch now (57 secs) | Bonus: slow motion of Malov’s shifting of position.
70 issues and another half a year!Watch now (6 secs) | Plus an insight on playing position!
Tapering in music practising
How to avoid it turns into anxiety and how to keep making progress!
How to approach a new instrument when you settle on the highest level
Creating a long-lasting relationship in a few seconds
Yutaka Kaga shares with us his set up of modern accessories
...and how to use it.