Sitemap - 2022 - Violoncello da Spalla

Welcoming 2023

The biggest orchestra of angels ever frescoed

A big orchestra of angels on an organ loft

Bach Cantatas with violoncello piccolo - part 8

About playing posture and how to hold a Violoncello da Spalla

A Violoncello da Spalla could easily become your best friend, even if you are not in a lockdown!

Bach’s cantatas part 7. Pure Joy!

“Only” news!

Innovative mute, available also for Violoncello da Spalla!

Varnishing week

Gut strings: a thing of the past. Or not?

A handy chart of J. S. Bach’s violoncello piccolo cantatas

About Pernambuco today

Cello da tavolo!!

About (modern) baroque cello

Early families and tunings

Tips not to get lost in the first weeks with your new Spalla

Video interview with Takumi Takakura and Toshihiko Amano

Greetings from Chicago!

Violoncello piccolo, pomposa, five-strings

New Violoncello da Spalla case on the market!

Giovanni Battista Vitali, Musico di Violone da brazzo

Some more music to discover on the cello da spalla

70 issues and another half a year!

J. S. Bach, cantatas featuring violoncello piccolo solo - part 6

An iconography from Upper Hungary

No time for practising? Just a bit, but do it well

Beginner’s excitement

J. S. Bach, cantatas featuring a solo for violoncello piccolo - part 5

Some pieces of iconography compared

Where to dig for new exciting repertoire

Two museum’s tenor violas

From mercenary captains to theatre impresario

Rambling around

Open for holidays!

The frescoes in Santa Maria delle Grazie, Crema (IT)

The Bononcini family

Bleib bei uns, the Easter-Monday cantata (J. S. Bach Cantatas - part 4)

Potato gnocchi

The right place, the right time…

Strings for Violoncello da Spalla update - part 1

Interview with Diana Roche on Violoncello da Spalla use in Catalonia

One year of da Spalla news!

Even J. S. Bach had to take his auditions.

Markneukirchen treasure, part 3

Spalla, violoncello, Violoncello da Spalla... can iconography come at help?

J. S. Bach, cantatas featuring a solo for violoncello piccolo - part 3

Markneukirchen Treasure - part 2

J. S. Bach, cantatas featuring a solo for violoncello piccolo - part 2