Updated book on Violoncello da Spalla is out!

The third edition of our book on Violoncello da Spalla is now available on Amazon!

We know it took a long time, but we couldn’t afford a full time effort as also ur instruments need to get done! Anyway now the updated edition of our book on Violoncello da Spalla is available on Amazon!

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The sales page still says 6 March 2022, that is the first date of the first edition. But when it says 87 pages you know it’s the new one.

What’s new inside? The chapters on surviving instruments and on treatises are wider, and the history one was updated with what we understood from our trip to Markneukirchen last March. There are now 3 appendices with the charts of Bsch’s Cantatas involving the Violoncello da Spalla, the treatises all at hand in illustrated versions, and suggested readings.

If you are a luthier, this book is a comprehensive summary of what you need to promote your instrument. If you are player, it contains a great starting point for your adventure, and all the answers to the “whaaaat?” faces you will encounter.

It’s not a technical reading, it’s quite fun actually, but it issues many technical aspects.

So, here again the link button to the sales page on Amazon:

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Featured video of the week

Is Violoncello da Spalla a baroque instrument? Yes, but not only. Like music, it is quite universal, you could do anything with it.

One other year is almost passed, and the world is indeed going worse… the words written one year ago by Sergey in the comments of this video are as actual as ever. Make music not war!

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