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“Bete Aber auch dabei” recording with Violoncello da Spalla

A brief story on how we came to record that video almost two years ago.

We are extremely grateful to organist Stephan Kofler, who enthusiastically welcomed and joined our project and put us in touch with soprano Giulia Bolcato.

Giulia recently launched her cd “Barbara Strozzi Opera Ottava”. If you like what you hear in the background of our speaking and driving, consider buying it, it is on all the main platforms. You can also listen to it for free, however, we think supporting an artist with an actual purchase is still important.

We could make such a beautiful video thanks to our special friend and movie maker Lorenzo Vignando, alias Ukulollo.

He is a songwriter, a full-time ukulele player and an incredibly positive and generous person. His work is very special, and I would describe it as poetic.

He often dedicates his time and enthusiasm to supporting the work of other artists.

…a copy? ...handmade following… inspired to… however, what matters is what comes out of it, the feelings you get. If there are some, it was worth making it.

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Updates from our workshop

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Featured video of the week

Here is the original “Bete” video:

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