Welcome to Violoncello da Spalla by us, Daniela Gaidano & Alessandro Visintini. We make Violoncellos da Spalla in Meltina, that is a tiny village close to Bolzano, Italy.

This is a newsletter about Violoncello da Spalla and everything in the world of Violoncello da Spalla. What is violoncello da Spalla and why should someone write about such nonsense?

Exactly, this is what we are up to!

A bit from me (Daniela)

At first, I was sceptical about it. Then when Alessandro started making it I thought that it was an excellent toy for violists and couldn’t actually do any arm... then I played it, it was fun and easy, wow!

Then, I discovered a world of research around it: research on historical sources, on survival instruments into museums, on scores which appear to be too difficult for a big da gamba Cello but so easy and natural on a Spalla. Researches made by many serious professionals who are giving food to their curiosity and want to understand if this was, actually... well... uhm... if it really existed, or better say if it was possible to make pleasant music with it!

Even without diving in, I was caught, and this newsletter is not only to share what I have found but to be less alone. Yes, everything about Violoncello da Spalla is about research: from strings to the repertoire, to instruments themselves... and one cannot do all the research alone. It would be so fun and powerful if we’d be a group.

So, please comment, comment, comment! 

What you can expect:

I will try to post every week, in time for your Saturday morning coffee. 

In each issue, I will speak about one (or more, as they may all be related) of the following da Spalla things: Accessories, People, Historical background and research, Repertoire and technique. And, of course, the instrument itself.

At the end of every issue, there will always be three more points: 

  • News from Da Spalla world

  • Updates from our workshop 

  • Featured video of the week

Should you want to be featured here or have questions that you wish to talk about, get in touch or write in the comments!

Thanks for reading and see you here!

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