Development of gut strings between 1848 and 1952 (strings, part 2)


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I’m receiving more and more questions about gut strings, so I thought I should share this video with a talk that I gave two years ago for the Women in Lutherie Conference,

You may like to dig into the Women in Lutherie YouTube channel, there are many interesting talks on various topics lutherie-related.

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Where to buy Giulia Bolcato’s new cd: Barbara Strozzi Opera Ottava: you hear it in the background of the nails unboxing. And yes, there is a crotchet close to me, because I hit my toe into something and now it’s badly hurting. Nothing is broken but I cannot walk well, and from this the choice of the song in the background: “Ferma il piè” (stop your foot).

Adelheid Snel is the blacksmith that makes the wonderful nails I use for my instruments’ necks. She’s in the Netherlands and made these copies of 17th century nails for me!

This is us celebrating Daniela’s 50th birthday, this Wednesday. And you can see the backs of a normal sized cello, by Alessandro, compared with the back of Daniela’s Violoncello da Spalla. On the third pic, the two da Spalla in the phase of having the back glued to the ribs. The cello and one of the Spalla will go to US, one is still free. If you are interested get in touch here or through our website!

Featured video of the week:

There’s this new clip on Sergey Malov’s Instagram account. It’s Swan’s Song played with harp and Violoncello da Spalla, it’s simply beautiful!

…and by the way… did you notice anything familiar? If you are receiving this newsletter you know our cartoon character, and you probably noticed that her hairstyle is inspired to Daniela’s… well now also Sergey Malov is following the same haisrstyle! Are we building a trend? 🤣👍

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