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A short update for this week

Hard at work spreading the word!

Up here, Alessandro playing Vivace alla francese by Quantz, in a recital this Monday. (Or: When you start your solo in front af a perfectly silent audience, and the drums student downstairs decides to start his practicing session πŸ˜…).

Hope you like this little music from us even if it’s not from a violoncello da spalla!

Today and until Sunday we are exhibiting in Bolzano at the ViolaFest. Tomorrow morning we will give a short presentation.

We are human, so no newsletter this week, sorry. But we are hard at work spreading the word of Violoncello da Spalla! Thanks for your understanding and support!

In the meantime Alessandro is well on his way with his new Violoncello da Spalla!

Violoncello da Spalla
Violoncello da Spalla
Daniela Gaidano & A. Visintini