An overview of what’s in the market
Protect, travel, and be noticed!
Alert: this article may seem a bit technical, but if you stay with me, it will make you very solid on your spalla beliefs.
Only a couple of months and the violoncello piccolo shows up again, mature in his voice and role!
This issue will not follow the usual format, as this week got so far from any usual format that I feel the urgency to share all the news at once. I…
More tiny basses
How to approach a new instrument when you settle on the highest level
So it was not only Bach, and not only the eclectic Italians!
Cool repertoire from the first era of Violoncello da Spalla
…and more to come!
Only two weeks and the cello piccolo is back, this time in full colors!
A chat with Eliakim Boussoir, pioneer maker of viola pomposa/cello da Spalla and string maker!